We are taking opera under water!

 Staged inside one of the most beautiful art nouveau swimming pools in Europe, AquAria_PALAOA is an opera under water which allows us to listen to the songs of the Weddell seals under the antarctic ice shelf as musical message from an inhospitable environment. A submarine acoustic event, a story from prehistoric times of humanity – brought to the surface by an amphibian choir, a singer under water, soloists and instruments.

The space of water – the space of song. On the quest for the elixir of juvenescence,
 AquAria_PALAOA pursues questions of finiteness, ageing and the striving for eternal youth. 

Looking for an event for about 150 people?
Then grant yourself and your partners, colleaugues, your clients and friends a unique event for which you will be remembered for a long time.

You´ve got an exceptional swimming hall?
Then go and secure an exceptional underwater opera production for your special place and receive regional and national media coverage.